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Import Student Guide

Schedule Star offers two student interface options.

SIF integration allows Schedule Star to talk directly to your SIF-compliant student management system. We will work with your school's technology director to set up the interface. Student information is automatically installed and updated in Schedule Star.

Student Import is done by Schedule Star to import your students' names, addresses, and related data from your school's student database. The person responsible for your student records should be able to provide you with a file in the correct format for importing into Schedule Star.

Always being on the cutting edge, a software version of the book was introduced in 1988, and by 1992 became "Schedule Star".

We will import ALL of your students ONCE for your school. After the initial student import, ALL OTHER IMPORTS WILL ADD-TO your current students.

Be sure that the information you provide to us is the information you want to be imported. Once it is imported, we will not be able to modify, delete, or update the information.

Print the Import Student Guide and download our file Header to prepare your student import file.

Import Students Guide

Header to use to prepare your file