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What is

What is is the #1 online high school sports site in the country. When you enter schedules, scores and stats into Schedule Star, your information is instantly uploaded to

You can control your online presence today to simplify your life when it comes to athletic management. Your parents and fans will be able to view information from work or home —anywhere, anytime.

Go to to save time and view updates when it comes to schedules, scores, and stats.

You can get your teams' rating with the Massey Ratings and upload photos and videos on The Bleachers. Simply type in the name of the school you are looking for, or search for a school by state.

For an online Site Tour click SEE WHAT'S NEW WITH YOUR SCHOOL.

My school already has a web page

GREAT! Your webmaster can create a link from your school's page to in just a few minutes, taking you instantly to your latest schedules, scores, stats and news.

Instructions are on our website: Click Support and click LINKING TO HIGHSCHOOLSPORTS.NET.

Using keeps the information on your website current, especially with all the schedule changes that occur.

Directions to opponent schools and facilities improve communication to your parents and fans and cut down on phone calls. Plus, you won't have to track down your Webmaster every time you need to make a change.

What is the Coaches Clipboard?

Coaches can sign up for FREE coaching tools with The Coaches Clipboard. These tools save you time because you can assign the coach the duties. These tools allow Coaches to create an information archive including stats, scores, and team ratings, so you don't have to.

Designate a Stats Manager to enter stats, game summaries and more using The Scoreboard Central on You can view your stats by choosing a team schedule and clicking the STATS button. To sign up for The Coaches Clipboard, go to and click on Coaches.

How do I get Schedule Change Notifications?

Parents and fans can sign up to be notified by email or text message of any game change, schedules, stats, and photos. They can also be notified of cancelled or postponed games and practices. It is FREE and easy to use. Just go to and click on My Account at the top of the page.